Hi, my name is Andrew Dulcamara and I've been studying the Taoist arts since 1996. Although my practice now revolves around Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine, it actually started all those years ago with the slow graceful movements of Tai Chi. From my first Tai Chi class in the Scottish city of Dundee my studies soon led me into the fascinating world of Taoist meditation and Qi Gong. 

In 2006 I took the leap and began my formal training in Traditional Chinese Medicine. My previous studies having a big impact upon my acupuncture practice, as the older classical styles made far more sense given my background. 

Today I'm fortunate that my work and passion are one and the same thing. Practicing acupuncture and teaching have both been extremely rewarding and keep my own practice fresh and vibrant. 

My goal now is to make this knowledge more accessible by providing not only treatments but classes and talks. Traditional Chinese Medicine offers a viable alternative to the pharmacological approach of crisis management. The modalities of Acupuncture, Qi Gong etc provide not only a means to treat pre-existing conditions but also to possibly help prevent these conditions from manifesting in the first place. I believe passionately in this form of medicine and believe a combination of Western and Eastern medicine will be essential as we all begin to take more responsibility for our own health.