Hun Yuan Qi Gong

I've met a number of teachers over the years who have taught a variation of this qi gong. It's a very elegant and easy to learn form with benefits for both health and peace of mind. The general benefit is the regulation of the Qi/Meridian system. The regulation of this system is seen as essential for the maintenance of good health and has a prerequisite to more spiritual practices. For more information on the Qi/Meridian system in relation to healing and the benefits of qi gong, please click the following link (Taoism and the three levels of healing).

The form consists of 12 basic moves which slowly work on all aspects of the Qi system, ensuring the meridians are open and Qi is abundant and flowing smoothly. Thousands of years ago the Taoists had already understood that the body, mind and spirit must be seen as a whole and not separate individual entities. As such it is understood in Traditional Chinese Medicine that the organs also play a role in our emotional wellbeing. For example a Liver imbalance may cause anger or even depression, while the lungs are mainly effected by grief and sadness. This is a simplification as the actually theory is far more complex, however it illustrates how qi gong not only works on the physical level but also the emotional level. 

For those familiar with Yoga you'll find some similarities here. Although the form works on the meridian system it also works on the chakra system. Within Taoism although they recognise all seven they generally only work with three. These are the Sacral, the Heart and the Third Eye, they are referred to as the lower, middle and upper Dan Tian.

For those new to this field hun yuan qi gong offers an easy to learn form that hides a wealth of knowledge. The external movements are simple and graceful, but as with any good qi gong form the true details are not external. Through practice Hun Yuan Qi Gong can open up a new and interesting world. The form itself is carried out in a relaxed gently alert state, all movements are mindful and so sensing qi over time becomes easier, once that happens you've passed through the gateway. 

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