Within Taosim a number of meditative practices have developed. Tai Chi is one of them. This is considered a moving meditation. The big advantage of this from a Taoist point of view is that the universe is in constant motion, and so a meditative modality that mirrors this motion is extremely useful. This approach also allows us to take the quality of mind developed during practice into our everyday life. Unlike other meditations the Tai Chi form is performed with eyes open and with the body in motion, much like everyday life. 

Within the more traditional meditative realm Taoism is generally split into two camps (the yin and yang). The former is the water school while the latter is the fire school. Both have unique qualities and advantages. Within the water school a more relaxed and gentle approach is taken. The underpinning belief is that we are already enlightened and so all we need to do is relax the mind, relax into who we truly are. The fire method on the other hand, sets about creating enlightenment through different energetic techniques. Both have equal value and both can be extremely beneficial to overall health. 

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Fire School

Water School

The video above looks at the fire and water schools in relation Lao Tzu and Chuang Tzu. Both are historical figures in Taoism, however each one takes a slightly different path, a different approach. The speaker is Bruce Frantzis, Mr Frantzis has travelled extensively throughout China, Taiwan, Japan and India, and is considered one of the leading authorities on Taoism in the West.