This page is dedicated to you and allows me to help even when you're not in clinic. The resources here are to support and encourage your own healing journey. To access the information please click on the links below. Over time more resources will be added to this area


If there is one thing we can all do which will benefit us both physically and mentally its breathing. Click the picture opposite to find out more. 

Guided Meditations

These meditations are based on Traditional Chinese Medicine theory and help to relax but also heal the body, so sit back, relax and enjoy. 

Traditional Chinese Medicine

Here you'll find articles on Traditional Chinese Medicine, that offer practical advice and more in depth philosophy. 


Traditional Chinese Medicine is based upon the philosophy of Taoism, here you can find articles on different areas of Taoist theory

Interesting Theories and Concepts

Here you'll find interesting theories and ideas that maybe outside the realm of Traditional Chinese Medicine but still hold some relevance. 

Qi Gong

Here you will find videos to introduce you to Qi Gong. Qi Gong can become a wonderful addition to our health regime. All students can find benefit, whether we dive head first into the practice or just skim the surface, Qi Gong has something for everybody. 

Tai Chi

Here you'll find general information on Tai chi to help with home practice. The form is not covered here as that should be taught in person, however general concepts are discussed and a number of videos are presented so you can see the Tai Chi form in its entirety.