I was first introduced to Reiki in 1997 and became a practitioner the next year. At first I admit, I was a little cautious of Reiki, it seemed a little "New Agey" for a guy from the North of England. Over the years that caution soon receded as I experienced the power of Reiki for myself. That power is not flashy, it's not accompanied by fireworks or fanfare, in fact its very nature seems to be the opposite, it is gentle but persistent, fully accepting and so all encompassing. All these years later I'm very happy with the choice I made, Reiki is a wonderful self healing tool and is easily shared with others. 

The gentleman pictured above is Mikao Usui, he is generally recognised as the father of modern day Reiki. I was interested to discover a few years back that Mikao Usui was also an Acupuncturist, he would use Reiki during acupuncture treatments, both on the needles and the patient. I've had a strong interest in Japanese Acupuncture for a number of years and found out myself that the two modalities work extremely well with each other. 

Over the years I've used Reiki to treat many different conditions, I generally use it in conjunction with Acupuncture which I feel produces a stronger healing effect. I also feel my studies in Acupuncture and Qi Gong have helped me begin to understand Reiki, and "energy" healing in general. The word Ki at the end of Reiki is the Japanese word for Qi, so the basic components of Qi Gong also hold true for Reiki. If you are exploring one you are also exploring the other. Both of these modalities come from the same source, they just have a slightly different taste. If we begin to understand the concept of Qi it can take us a lot closer to understanding Reiki. 

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