Exploring Together

Shamanism swept  into my life way back in 1993, although when I look back I can see it was always there. Since those early days it has become a guide, a counselor and a fun loving friend. This journey for me in the most part was taken alone. For some the mere mention of Shamanism will often send them running. I never understood this attitude as it didn't equate with my own experience and seems to be based on a stereotype rather than the real thing.

Those I met with an interest were few but always good company. Over the last decade I've  seen a curiosity in this field grow. Patients now regularly ask me to explain many Shamanic concepts and often ask for recommended books or other sources of information. With this in mind I decided to create two things, the first was a book and the second is a community. I've committed my energy to this project as I believe Shamanism offers our world something new. To understand why I feel this way I'd like to share with you what Shamanism is and what Shamanism is not. 

The Tradition

Lets start by understanding what Shamanism isn't, it is not a religion or even a spirituality. I know this may raise a few eyebrows but keep reading I can explain. Shamanism is an all encompassing tradition, it includes all of creation and all of our experience. In this sense to call it a spiritual practice misses the point, it may contain within it spirituality but this is because it contains all things. Although Shamanism can be a path to enlightenment for me its greatest gift is its ability to create balanced compassionate human beings. Human beings  who know what they are, where they are and and why they're here. Shamanism creates meaning in life, it provides the tools and the experience to understand ourselves and our role in this world. Shamanism creates powerful human beings by providing understanding and a greater sense of purpose. Our stereotypical view of Shamanism is hallucinogenic brews and spirit guides. In one sense this view is not wrong just very limited. It would be like saying the Olympics are all about flags and starting pistols. Essentially its not wrong, but it does not provide the whole picture. In writing a book I hope to share what I've found over the years and how it relates to you. Shamanism is a powerful tool of self and potentially global transformation. It provides a rational view of the world that still contains heart and magic. A basic understanding of shamanism is that we must accept reality as it is, this may appear strange at first as shamanism includes a spirit world and spirit guides. However once we truly accept our own experiences and look at the world through our own eyes, we'll quickly discover our realty holds many secrets. 


I've walked this path for many years alone and although its possible I can tell you its easier within a community. A community provides support, learning and friendship, all three of which I feel are essential. Through community we can share our own experiences, we can learn new skills and refine skills we may already have. Human beings have always been about community and working together. 

With this in mind I would like to play my part in helping such a community flourish. The goal is to create a community who can explore Shamanism together, who can share experiences and help each other grow. My goal is to help facilitate such a group and in so doing help bring back a tradition that may provide a few answers to a world with many questions. If these words speak to you and you want to find out what you are, where you are and why you're here, let me know, and potentially we can all be part of a greater transformation.

If you'd like to read a little excerpt from the book please click on the link opposite