The simple, gentle movements of the Tai Chi form hide within a complex and beautiful art. I am often asked what is Tai Chi? Due to its broad range this question can often be hard to answer. Tai Chi can be a martial art, a means of improving health and a spiritual discipline. One of the great benefits of Tai Chi is its versatility. The Tai Ch form can be used to achieve a number of benefits. In my own Tai Chi journey I was initially fascinated by the martial aspect of the art, however, as the years advance the ability of Tai Chi to improve health has become for me its greatest gift.  The form I teach was created by Professor Cheng Man Ching and is part of the Yang style lineage. My main focus is to teach not only the physical movements but the energetic and spiritual components that underpin Tai Chi. Once we understand the whys and hows a little more deeply practice becomes more beneficial and perseverance will naturally increase. Once we move into feeling the Qi (life energy) the form takes on a new vitality. As Cheng Man Ching once said: we begin to glimpse the gateway to the miraculous. 

Private Instruction is available at Healing Rock Health and Wellness in Crossfield, Group classes will be available soon, please contact me to find out more

Below is a beautiful example of Professor Chengs Tai Chi performed by Master Wang Chin Shih

Recently a Documentary was made about Professor Cheng Man Ching's move West in the 1960's. below is the trailer where we get to see the form and hear from some of the Professors students.