Traditional Chinese Medicine - Practice and Philosophy

How to use Acupuncture

In general there are three ways in which Acupuncture is most often used, this article explains each one in turn and explains the best way to approach this healing modality. 

Adrenal Fatigue and the Mind Body Connection

Although the term Adrenal Fatigue may be something of a buzz word, the symptoms associated with this condition are very real. This article provides a balanced approach to fast, long lasting recovery. 

The General and the Emperor Part 1

The title here refers to an imbalance of the Liver and Heart. In this article you'll learn the main reasons behind this imbalance. 

The General and the Emperor Part 2

 Learn how to heal both the Emperor and the General in a few practical steps.

The Liver

In Chinese Medicine the Liver is far more than just a physical organ, here we look at a few of its qualities and how they can help or impede us in life. Click on the pic opposite to find out more

Liver Cleansing

What else can we do to help the liver rejuvenate according to Chinese Medicine?


Here you'll find a quick discussion on simple steps to boost your immunity according to Traditional Chinese Medicine