What Can I Expect?

If this is the first time you've had Acupuncture you may be wondering what you can expect when coming for a treatment. Even if you've had Acupuncture before styles can vary so I thought it may be useful to take you through the process. 

The initial appointment is slightly longer than follow up treatments, this allows time for a diagnosis to be established before any treatment begins. You will be asked lots of general questions about your health and given the opportunity to ask any questions. As the style of Acupuncture I practice is "classical" much of the diagnosis will come from inspecting the tongue and feeling the pulse. This can often sound a little strange at first, but I've found this style of diagnosis to be extremely accurate, especially when trying to pinpoint the root cause. 

Once a Diagnosis is reached the treatment can begin. In general the majority of points used are either on the legs below the knee or on the arms below the elbow. This means as long as clothing is loose and comfortable in most cases it does not need to be removed. The first 4 points are placed in the abdomen and then the pulse is retaken, from here the root treatment can begin. Periodically the pulse will be taken again to ensure the treatment is effective. Once the root has been treated the branch or symptom is then considered. 

Needling in general is very gentle, especially the root treatment. However please note that if you don't wish for certain parts of the body to be needled please make this know. One of the benefits of Acupuncture is its versatility, we always have another option. 

The insertion of the needles may take anywhere from 10 to 20 minutes, time and care is taken with each point to ensure precise location and treatment. Once inserted a light blanket is placed over you, this serves to keep you warm and relaxed during treatment as body temperature can often drop slightly. Every effort is made to ensure you are comfortable and relaxed, at this point for those who wish a guided meditation is used to enhance the treatment. The meditation is roughly 20 minutes long and chosen in relation to the root treatment. Headphones are used and an eye mask is also added for extracomfort. 

Other Modalities may also be used, for example a heat lamp is often placed over the feet or the lower abdomen where required. Cupping may also be used, either at the very beginning or the end of a treatment. A very common modality is moxa, this involves the burning of herbs to warm points. This practice is very safe and something I use everyday. Moxa is often used after the meditation on the abdomen, again to reinforce the root treatment. Reiki is also commonly used either during or after the meditation. Reiki can be extremely beneficial, especially when dealing with emotional health. 

In general from the start of the meditation the treatment will last just over 30 minutes. After the treatment any questions can be answered and advice on lifestyle etc will often be shared. 

Treatment is generally a very pleasant experience leaving the body relaxed and the mind calm. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at flowingriver.acu@gmail.com