I provide services from two locations, Brentwood in the North West of Calgary and Crossfield just North of Airdrie. Please choose the clinic you would like to visit and click the links below for more information.



Initial Consult and Treatment 90 mins - $125

Follow up Treatment 60mins - $85

Follow up Treatment 90mins - $110 

Reiki 60 mins - $85

Private Classes

Private Classes are held in Crossfield at Healing Rock Health and Wellness. You can book on a Tuesday, Thursday or Saturday. To book please call: 403 941 5111

1 hour private instruction costs $55 or two people may attend at $40 each

Qi Gong: (learn more)

Learn Wuji Gong, 60mins - (learn more)

Learn Hun Yuan Qi Gong, 60mins - (learn more)


Tai Chi: (learn more)

Learn Tai Chi, 60mins 


Meditation: (learn more)

Water school meditation, 60mins

Fire school meditation, 60mins