Qi Gong

Qi is the chinese word used to describe the energy that pervades all life. Its importance to a health and longevity cannot be overlooked. A quote that illustrates this point is, “ you can go without food for 3 weeks, without water for 3 days and without air for 3 minutes, but you can’t live a single second without Qi”. The word Gong is often translated as work or skill and so we have the phrase “energy work”. Many different styles of Qi Gong have been developed over the years. My own personal interest is in Taoist Qi Gong, which is the oldest of all the variations. After studying a number of styles over the years the two forms that I practice are Hun Yuan Qi Gong and Wuji Gong. Both of these forms originate in the Wu Dang mountains. The first, Hun Yuan, opens all the energy channels in the body, improves the quantity and quality of Qi in the body leading to good health and a peaceful mind. Wuji Gong was created for a more spiritual need. The form itself is designed to connect us with the original source of who we are, taking us back to a non dual state, what is often termed enlightenment. Both forms can help improve health and bring a sense of well being that is extremely useful in the hurly burly of modern life.  If you’d like to experience Qi Gong for yourself check out my classes HERE, or contact me for information on private classes(Contact Me)

To find out more about the two different styles I teach please click on the links opposite.

Private Qi Gong classes are available at Healing Rock Health and Wellness located in Crossfield. Group classes will be available soon, please contact for more details flowingriver.acu@gmail.com

The Video above is a quick introduction to some Qi Gong basics. The video also includes patient experiences using Qi Gong to help with chronichealth issues.